The art series ‘March 2 Infinity’ is about the usage of technology so it is only ’natural’ (or inevitable ) that the art series are available in the digital world and can be collected as ‘Non-Fungible Tokens’ ( or NFT for short ).

M2I Fragments - Technologists NFT
M2I Fragments - Technologists NFT

Our art works are stored for eternity on the Tezos blockchain - an artist minded, green based technology stack.

You can discover & collect the following NFT art series on the NFT artist & collector platform

  • M2I Landscapes
  • M2I Tradqan
  • M2I Fragments
OBJKT.COM Platform
OBJKT.COM Platform

I am looking forward to welcome you as a new digital collector. You can collect already an NFT starting from 5 Tezos (the crypto currency used on the platform).

Feel free to contact me if you are new to this exciting world and want more info on how to become an NFT collector.

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