The March to Infinity had departed ... hopeful they longed for the eternal life.
Painting , 2023

The wide open landscape made them hopeful.
The march to infinity they entered ages ago was coming to a final end it seemed.
The destination of a new life within reach.
“Only the last barriers to be taken …” the new evangelists chanted.
The countless victims upon the path to eternal life almost forgotten.
The sins of the world almost forgiven.

Detail Image
Detail - Hope
Drawing MediaCharcoal Acrylics
SurfaceCanvasboard with Gesso
ToolsBrushes Charcoal pencil Charcoal stick
Dimensions30 24   CM
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ArtworkPainting , 2023
Dimensions30 24   CM
Sales Price15750 VET
Price IncludesOriginal Artwork Phygital (NFT) Certificate of Authenticity Contract Modern black frame
Price ExcludesTaxes Transport Insurance
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